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2024 Mackenzie Region Photo Competition

Terms & Conditions

2024 Mackenzie Region Photo Competition – Terms and Conditions


Entry into the Mackenzie Region Photography Competition is deemed acceptance of the following terms and conditions.


In brief: The images must be your original work, and while you retain copyright, you grant us the right to use the images for the purpose of the event. You cannot add or delete elements in the images using software. There will be 12 finalists and one overall winner. If you are selected as a finalist, your image will be displayed on an A0 ACM Board in a freestanding frame in the Lake Tekapo Domain and featured in the 2025 Mackenzie Region Calendar.


Here’s the long version:


1. The Mackenzie Region Photography Competition (MRPC) is open to all amateur and professional photographers.


2. Entrants should complete the online entry form for each image submitted, with the image sent by email to, with the subject line Mackenzie Region Photo Competition. Each entry must include:

  • Your full name

  • Phone number

  • Postal address

  • Your Instagram and Facebook social handles and website (if applicable)

  • A brief caption (max 50 words) should include information about the image, such as where the photo was taken and why this scene caught your eye.


3. The closing date for entries is 23rd August 2024.


4. Entries must have been taken after 1st June 2023 and must have been taken within the Mackenzie Region Boundary, New Zealand.


5. The 12 finalists will be notified within 15 days of the closing date. The Overall Winner will be notified at least one day before the display frames are put up.


6. Entries will only be accepted digitally and must not have been manipulated in any way other than global colour and exposure adjustments considered standard in RAW processing. Focus and exposure stacking, HDR, and stitched panoramas are allowed, but discretion is expected. Compositing or airbrushing is not permitted, nor is anything added, removed or substituted from the original image other than dust spots or scratches. Judges may request the original RAW file from the finalists. Any images the judges deem to have been manipulated beyond these boundaries will be disqualified.


7. Images uploaded for judging purposes must be at least 1200 pixels in the longest dimension. Finalists must be able to supply a high-resolution file at a minimum of 4000 pixels in the longest dimension on request. Limited cropping is allowed, but the native resolution of the image must still be 4000 pixels on the longest edge.


8. To ensure your photos reach us, please use Dropbox or WeTransfer to email your photos.


9. Entrants must warrant that the photograph they are submitting is their own work and that they own the copyright for it.


10. Each entrant may submit a maximum of 3 images, with each entry in a separate email.


11. Photographs that have previously won an award (i.e. winner or runner-up) in any other photographic competition at the time of entry may not be entered.


12. All entries are submitted at the photographer’s own risk, and the organisers cannot accept liability for any loss of file data of images previously entered in the competition.


13. By entering the competition, the photographer accepts that images may be published in A0 ACM Board frames on the Lake Tekapo Domain, online at as part of its coverage of the Mackenzie Region Photography Competition and in a 2025 calendar on sale from October 2024. You also accept that work may be published in the future in formats (print, electronic or exhibition) that showcase the best of the Mackenzie Region Photography Competitions. Use of images will be credited to the photographer, and the photographer retains full copyright on all images.


14. By entering the competition, you accept that Mountain House Creative may use your image in media that specifically advertises, promotes, or celebrates the Mackenzie Region Photography Competition. The photographer will be credited for the use of the image, and the photographer retains full copyright on all images.

15. By entering the competition, you accept that if your image is chosen as a finalist, the competition's sponsors may use the image to promote their association with the awards. The words “Mackenzie Region Photography Competition” will accompany the publication of images used by sponsors and appear with a photo credit to the photographer asserting your copyright. This does not extend to a sponsor using an image to promote a product or service. This is not a commercial license.


16. Mackenzie Region Photography Competition reserves the right to print/mount/frame/project/screen shortlisted entries for display purposes and crop/alter the images in respect of that format, taking all due care to preserve the original impact and intent of the image. Judges will not alter images or crop entries to improve picture composition. However, the Mackenzie Region Photography Competition may need to modify an image's colour balance or contrast to ensure sound reproduction on the printing/screen technology.


17. Judges will look for interesting composition, subject matter, narrative, technical expertise, and a genuinely original approach. They will also look for images that give an original perspective of the Mackenzie Region.


18. By entering the competition, you confirm that you have complied with New Zealand law while shooting your entry. Please refer to the CAA website for specific aerial photography regulations. There are some useful tips on the Airshare page.

19. The prizes are as follows:


a) Finalists (12 total)

  • The image displayed on the freestanding photo boards in the Lake Tekapo Domain for the duration of the event (September 2024 – February 2025)

  • One copy of the 2025 Mackenzie Region Photography Competition Calendar


b) Overall Winner (1 total)

  • NZD $1,000 cash plus finalists awards listed above


20. Values of prizes are accurate at the date of publication.


21. The organisers' and judges' decisions on all matters relating to the competition are final, and no correspondence will be entered at any stage.


22. The entrant indemnifies Mountain House Creative against any claim, legal or otherwise, that may arise from the publication of their image(s).


23. By entering this competition, the entrant agrees with Mountain House Creative that all of the above Terms and Conditions have been met. Any entry that breaches the above Terms and Conditions will be disqualified, and all prize money and product prizes must be returned to Mountain House Creative.

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